Documentary Research on Han-nom Manuscripts

FY2017-2018 (H29-30)

Shimizu Masaaki (Osaka University, Graduate school of language and culture)

I gave an oral presentation titled Buddhist Scriptures Written in Chinese and Vietnamese Chu Nom Preserved at the Library of Kyoto University at a workshop on New Directions in Research on Sinoxenic Scripts and Manuscripts held at the Center for the Study of Manuscript Cultures (CSMC) in Hamburg during July 9-10, 2019. I introduced a preliminary analysis of both the linguistic features and paper material of one of the scriptures, Fo shuo tian di ba yang jing 佛説天地八陽經. Finally, I proposed a future research direction of pursuing comparative study of Chu Nom and other Sinoxenic scripts, such as Zhuang, Yao, and Cantonese vernacular. The presentation is an output of the IPCR project Documentary Research on Han-Nom Manuscripts.


Presentation at CSMC

CSMC, University of Hamburg

CSMC, University of Hamburg