IV-1.”Transmission of Information about Periodicals Related to Southeast Asia”(H23 FY2011)

  • Project Leader : Yano Masataka (Graduate School of Economics, The University of Tokyo)
  • Collaborators : Kitamura Yumi (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University)
  • : Kitani Kimiya (Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University)
  • : Ishii Michiko (Library, Institute of Developing Economies)
  • : Takahashi Muneo (Library, Institute of Developing Economies)
  • : Morigaki Keito (International Studies Library, Osaka University)
  • : Kato Satsuki (Library, Reference Service Section, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies)

Outline of Research

We have endeavored to establish the information basis of materials of Southeast Asia through collaborative research led by Kitamura Yumi, Assistant Professor of CSEAS, since 2007. Part of the outcome can be seen in the Southeast Asian Periodicals Database which includes the holding information of the serial materials related to Southeast Asia.

In addition to improving and expanding the database, we are going to compile a reference book about Southeast Asian publications whose contents were accumulated during past activities. We expect to contribute not only to libraries but also to the academic field through this transmission activity of information.


This collaborative research aims to continue and develop the activities sponsored by two projects, “Exploring new horizons of Area Studies through participatory information-sharing on Afro-Asian regions” (2006–2008 Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (A), Principal Investigator: Tanaka Koji) and “Resource Sharing of Southeast Asian Studies Related Periodicals” (2009–2010 International Program of Collaborative Research—CSEAS, representative: Kitamura Yumi). Among these activities, we targeted the serial type of publications and set up the Southeast Asian Periodicals Database. Through this database, we were able to grasp the core journals related to Southeast Asia and their holding information in Japan. In addition, we conducted hearings with researchers to investigate the current situation of publications in Southeast Asian countries.

This new research project consists of two main activities.

The first is to enrich and improve the contents of the database. For this purpose, we will research and upload information about newspapers and government gazettes published in Southeast Asian countries. Second is to transmit the information about publications in Southeast Asia. For this purpose, we are going to compile a reference book which is based on the information accumulated in past activities.

Through these activities, librarians will be able to acquire and share deeper knowledge of the materials as well as how to access or obtain the materials and related information from the region. This activity is aimed at improving the information infrastructure about Southeast Asia in Japan by sharing librarian’s information with academic researchers.

Pos Kota (Periodical published in Indonesia)

Southeast Asian Periodicals Database