III-1. “Preparation of the Environment for Preservation and Utilization of Serial Publication Materials on Northern Vietnam during the Indo-China War” (H25-26 FY2013-2014)

  • Project Leader : Iwatsuki Junichi (The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)
  • Collaborators : Kojima Hiroyuki (The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics)
  • : Kitani Kimiya (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
  • : Oono Mikiko (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
  • : Ishikawa Kazuki (The University of Tokyo, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia)
  • : Suenari Michio (Toyo University, Asian cultures Research Institute)
  • : Endou Satoshi (Kyoritsu Women’s University, Faculty of International studies)
  • : Pham Van Bich (Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of Sociology)

Outline of Research

In recent years, many research institutes such as National Library and Archives have promoted the digitization of historical materials in Vietnam. However almost all those projects tend to focus on Hannom materials and overlook periodicals in the modern period, especially those published in Indochina wartime such as magazines and gazettes which have deteriorated or face disappearance. The aim of this research is to digitize and preserve the serial publication materials issued during the Indo-China War period, and to preserve, store and utilize them in a systematic and comprehensive way research institutions in both Japan and Vietnam.


This project aims to offer to scholars “The collection of Periodicals in North Vietnam during the Indo-China war period.” The collection consists of general, academic magazines that cover a range of subjects such as history, geography, literature and so on. These materials have not been systematically catalogued; nor have they been preserved in Vietnam itself.

In 2013, we obtained materials of 12 titles in total, digitized by the Vietnam History Association and the École française d’Extrême-Orient thanks to the kind assistance of the presidents of these institutions, Professor Phan Huy Le and Dr. Olivie Tessier, stationed at the Hanoi Office. After three parallel seminars, followed by the selection of materials and discussion on new invitation programs, we went on to negotiate with the Library of Social Science and Communications of Hanoi and Ho chi minh Municipal Library of Social Science to digitize materials. For our research next year, we will examine problems pertaining to the management of digital materials. The completion of basic materials will facilitate and contribute to deepen Vietnamese modern historical study.

Institute of Social Sciences and Information, Library (Vietnam, Hanoi)

“Trung Bac Tan Van”—Daily Newspaper published in Hanoi—