IV-17. “The Research of the Change of Life-style and Atherosclerosis in Indigenous People Living in New Guinea High Land” (H27 FY2015)

  • Project Leader : Fujisawa Michiko (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
  • Collaborators : Matsubayashi Kozo (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
  • : Garcia del Saz Eva (Kochi University, Center for International Collaboration)
  • : Ishida Akio (University of Ryukyus, Graduate School of Medicine)
  • : Ida Bagus Manuaba Indrajaya (Wamena General Hospital)

Outline of Research

The New Guinea highlanders living in Papua, Indonesia was keeping their own life style. However, recently immigrants from other islands are increasing, and the globalization seems to reaching this area too. The purpose is to compare their life-style change and to investigate their health status change by doing medical health checkup.


Arterial sclerosis progresses according to ageing. And this causes diseases such as ischemic heart disease and stroke which lead to functional disability. It is one of serious concerns in Asia where rapid ageing is ongoing.

Usually according to ageing, arterial sclerosis progresses and blood pressure increases. But in a society living in New Guinea highland, we could not find this blood pressure change (Hypertension Research 2012). Recently the life-style of this community is changing because of the influence of immigrants and of the education from Indonesian Government. It is a good time to investigate their life-style and their health status, targeting arterial sclerosis in particular. To understand the pathogenesis of arterial sclerosis will be useful in preventing functional disability of aged people.

In addition, one of our research collaborator is the director of a hospital in this area. We can contribute to enhance the health of the community through this study.

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