VI-4. “Changes in Literary Criticism in 1970s Thai Review Magazines” (H28 FY2016)

  • Project Leader:Udo Yumiko (The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Area Studies)

Outline of Research

This research focuses on the change in literary criticism that appeared in Thai review magazines in the 1970s, in particular “Sangkhomsat Pharithat” (The Social Science Review) and “Lok Nangsoe” (Book World). I will first make a comprehensive chronological table of literary articles from these magazines, which are housed at the Center of Southeast Asian Studies Library in Kyoto University. I will then analyze the trends in the literary articles during that time to identify the changes in literary criticism during the transition period from modern era literature to the present day literature in Thailand.


During the democratic movement in Thailand in the 1970s to 80s, Suchat Sawatsi, an eminent writer, poet, and editor, published two review magazines, “Sangkomsat Parithat” (1964-97) and “Lok Nangsoe” (1977-83). Both were precursors of the publications “Writer Magazine” (popular during the 1980s to 90s) and “Writer” popular from 2000 to today). I focus on two particular writers, Sidaoruang and Siburapha, to consider the change in literary criticism vis-à-vis the political background of their time.

Previous research has mentioned the importance of these magazines, but only a few have analyzed the specific contents and features of the articles. This study will not only do this but also examine the criticisms of two representative Thai authors. The project therefore expects to contribute to improved understanding of the formation of Thai literary criticism from the modern era to today.


Magazines “Lok Nangsoe” (Book World)

Siburapha’s Memorial House