IV-2. “Basic Research for Sharing Metadata of Written Materials in Mainland Southeast Asia” (H28-29 FY2016-2017)

  • Project Leader : Kikuchi Yoko (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Institute of Global studies)
  • Collaborators : Yano Masataka (The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics)
  • : Kobayashi Marie (IDE-JETRO, Library)
  • : Tosa Minami (IDE-JETRO, Library)
  • : Ono Mikiko (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
  • : Kitani Kimiya (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)

Outline of Research

The five main languages of continental Southeast Asia use the Brahmi script of India, and because this type of notation is difficult to use in the current ICT environment, information sharing in the concerned languages is inadequate. This study will look into the accessibility of documents in research institution collections in both Japan and countries of continental Southeast Asia. By publishing a report that investigates and analyzes this topic, the project will contribute to improving the usage environment for documents in the languages of Southeast Asia.


This study will firstly investigate domestic and overseas research institute collections in continental Southeast Asian languages in order to gain an overall understanding of their accessibility. Secondly, it is hoped that the efforts of this study group will enhance the environment for producing metadata at a practical level and improve the accuracy and volume of metadata, leading to the establishment of a standard baseline for academic information that is essential to users. Furthermore, by strengthening cooperative networks among research institutions on Southeast Asia both in Japan and abroad and sharing documents through the process of this study, the project aims to promote information sharing among scholars and other relevant persons, as well as build a foundation for sharing and collecting documents in the relevant languages among these said organizations. In the first year, we organized two workshops to exchange information about cataloging Asian language materials. We will continue the discussion in the second year in order to contribute to knowledge sharing among librarians in academic and public libraries.


Lecture for cataloging at National University Laos

2nd Workshop for multilingual cataloging method (Vietnamese session)