III-1. ” The Raw Data of the Indonesian Economic Census and Its Value for Academic Research” (H30-R1 FY2018-2019)

  • Project Leader : Koizumi Yusuke (Sophia University, Institute of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern Studies)
  • Collaborators : Arai Kenichiro (Asia University, Faculty of Urban Innovation)
  • : Hayashi Kengo (The University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science)
  • : Nagatsu Kazufumi (Toyo Unviersity, Faculty of Sociology)
  • : Samejima Hiromitsu (Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Natural Resources & Ecosystem Services Are)
  • : Furukawa Fumiko (Kobe University, Graduate School of Human Development and Environment)
  • : Suzuki Haruka (Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Research Departments)
  • : Kozan Osamu (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)