IV-16. “A Comparative Study on the Ecological and Historical Contexts of GIAHS Sites in Eastern and Southeastern Asia: State, Market Economy, and Ecology” (R1 FY2019)


  • Project Leader : Naito Naoki (Tokushima University, Graduate School of Technology, Industrial and Social Sciences)
  • Collaborators : Ishikawa Noboru (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
  • : Kataoka Tatsuki (Kyoto University, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies)
  • : Iwasa Mitsuhiro (Kochi University, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • : Tanaka Motomu (Kochi University, Faculty of Regional Collaboration)
  • : Masuda Kazuya (Kochi University, Faculty of Integrated Arts and Sciences)