III-2. “Basic Research on the Circulation of Information via Chinese Newspapers in Southeast Asia” (R3 FY2021)

  • Project Leader : Serizawa Satohiro (Tenri University, Faculty of International Studies)
  • Collaborators : Yano Masataka (The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Economics)
  • : Kameyama Takahiko (Ryukoku University, Research Center for Buddhist Cultures in Asia)
  • : Nishida Masayuki (International Christian University, Institute of Asian Cultural Studies)
  • : Ono Mikiko (Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)

Outline of Research

This research explores the communication and networking among Chinese speaking communities in Southeast Asia through a comparative analysis of Chinese language newspapers. The study will 1) compile a periodical holdings list of the Chinese newspapers owned by the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) Library at Kyoto University, including Chinese Commercial News (華僑商報, 1948-72, issued in the Philippines), Sing Thai Wan Pau (星泰晩報, 1950-1973, issued in Thailand) and Sing Sian Yit Pao (星暹日報, 1950-1967, issued in Thailand), and 2) add to the library collection by purchasing lacking issues of Sing Sian Yit Pao. The holdings list will enable a research platform for comparative studies of Chinese-language newspaper media, thus furthering our understanding of the transnational networking and transformation of overseas Chinese societies in Southeast Asia since the Cold War era.


Since the modern era, Chinese newspapers have been published by numerous publishers and distributors in Southeast Asian countries, including Vietnam, Singapore and Thailand. Harnessing quantitative data from bibliographic and collection information, this research will employ a bibliometric analysis of the multiyear and multinational publication of Chinese newspapers to elucidate the historical transformation and interaction of overseas Chinese communities.

Significantly, the project provides a platform for the development of research on Chinese Thais’ societies in Southeast Asia from the aspect of media studies, by creating a periodical holdings list of the Chinese-language newspaper Sing Sian Yit Pao archived at the CSEAS library. This list can contribute not only to improving the library’ circulation services for users, but also to big quantitative data analysis. Such analysis, for example of the frequency of issues or the total number of pages of Chinese newspapers during the span of a quarter of a century, will enrich our understanding of the amount and variation of information communication among overseas Chinese communities.

Furthermore, the study proposes a new research method for Area Studies by utilizing Chinese-language newspapers not only as a source, but also as a research target. This research is expected to involve international and local researchers in several countries. An open exchange of ideas on how to utilize the data of Chinese newspapers will contribute to new future studies.

Online meeting held on 26, August in 2021

Research of Chinese newspapers using microfilm readers of CSEAS Library