VI-2. “Recognitions of National History Expressed in Newspapers Published during the Khmer Republic Period” (H28 FY2016)

  • Project Leader:Shintani Haruno (The University of Tokyo, Department of Area Studies, Graduate school of Arts and Sciences)

Outline of Research

The Khmer Republic (1970–75) was established by a coup d’état againstNorodom Sihanouk, who had dictatorially ruled over Cambodia since its independence. At the beginning of this period, strict control of publication was eased, allowing new and “reinstated” intellectuals to publicly carry out discussions through the media. This research will identify what kind of national history discourse appeared and spread with regard to domestic and foreign politics through analyzing mainly two famous newspapers: “Koh santibhab” and “Khmaer ekarajy.” Both are stored on microfilm at the Center of Southeast Asia Studies Library at Kyoto University


This research aims to realize what kind of national history discourses were made and spread by intellectuals with regard to domestic and foreign politics by analyzing mainly two newspapers: “Koh santibhab” and “Khmaer ekarajy.” I will analyze the writing of national history in Cambodia in terms of the history of political ideas and historiography since independence. One political characteristic of Cambodia since its independence has been several regime changes. Knowledge of history has continuously evolved; the challenges of writing national history have changed under each regime change. During the Khmer Republic period, intellectuals acted vigorously and newspapers and books about history were published in abundance.

I have collected history textbooks, books about history, and newspapers published during the Khmer Republic period, and I will interview those who were educated during this period in Cambodia. An analysis of all of these resources will contribute to a more comprehensive understanding and recognition of history during the Khmer Republic period.


Article for recalling the history of Khmer-Vietname relation (by “Koh santibhab”)

New Khmer hero against French rule “Pou Kombo” which was published under the Khmer Republic