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Continue: FY2015(H27) / New: FY2016(H28)
Type I : Field-based Area Studies by Using Field Stations and Liaison Offices
H27 I-1 Expansion of Psuedo Middle Class Consumption Patterns in Indonesia Kurasawa Aiko
(Keio University, Emeritus Professor)
H27 I-2 The Strategic Use of Visa Policy:Political Analysis of Thailand’s Migration Policies in the Era of Regional Integration Aizawa Nobuhiro
(Kyushu University, Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies)
H28 I-3 Re-examining the Commodification of Nature in Southeast Asia Ubukata Fumikazu
(Okayama University, Graduate School of Environmental and Life Science)
H28 I-4 Border Control and Frontier Society in Indonesia in the “Reformation” Period Nagatsu Kazufumi
(Toyo University, School of Sociology)
Type II : Intensive and Strategic Area Studies in Collaboration with CSEAS Visiting Fellows
H27 II-1 Practices and Exchanges in “Zomia”:Comparative Studies of Ethnic Minorities in Contemporary Upland Southeast Asia Ochiai Yukino
(Ryukoku University, Department of Food Agriculture System, Faculty of Agriculture)
H28 II-2 Technological Development after Agricultural Modernization in Rice Growing Mainland Southeast Asia Asada Haruhisa
(Nara Women’s University, Faculty of Letters)
Type III : Document-sharing through Use of the CSEAS Repository
H27 III-1 Large-scale Investigation of Socio-economic Changes in Indonesia using Village Potential Statistics (PODES) and Census Data Furukawa Fumiko
(Kobe university, Graduate school of human development and Environment)
H28 III-2 Improving Infrastructure for the Preservation and Utilization of Post World War II Local Newspapers in Thailand Ito Yuma
(Toyama University of International Studies, Faculty of Contemporary Science)
Type IV : Exploratory Area Studies Aiming at Larger-scale Research Projects
H27 IV-1 Ecological and Aging Transitions in Neurodegenerative Diseases in Papua Indonesia Okumiya Kiyohito
(Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
H27 IV-2 Comparative Sexuality Politics in Southeast Asia:
Sexual Minorities in the Age of Democratization and Globalization
Iga Tsukasa
(Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
H27 IV-3 Preliminary Study for Multi-regional Clinical Research and Clincial Trials on Neurological Diseases in Asia Banno Haruhiko
(Massachusetts General Hospital, Neurological Clinical Research Institute)
H27 IV-4 Creating a Unified Catalog Database for Periodicals to Share Information among Researchers Working on Area Studies in Vietnam Miyazawa Chihiro
(Nanzan University, Faculty of Humanities)
H27 IV-5 Preservation and Sharing of Southeast Asian Newspapers through Media Conversion Kojima Hiroyuki
(The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics, Faculty of Economics)
H27 IV-6 The Urban Dynamics and Stratification in the Global Cities in Southeast Asia Endo Tamaki
(Saitama University, Faculty of Economics)
H27 IV-7 Recent Trends in Intra and Inter Regional Expansion of ASEAN Commercial Banks:Implications for Regional History Hamada Miki
(Institute of Developing Economies, JETRO, Development Studies Center)
H27 IV-8 Training of Trainers for Community-based Medical Care for the Elderly in Bhutan Sakamoto Ryota
(Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
H27 IV-9 Lifestyle Changes and Atherosclerosis among Indigenous People of New Guinea’s Highlands Fujisawa Michiko
(Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
H28 IV-10 Community Policing in Southeast Asia: Assessing the Impact on Community Security and Police Reform Kiba Saya
(Doshisha University, Faculty of Policy Studies)
H28 IV-11 Basic Research for Sharing Metadata of Written Materials in Mainland Southeast Asia Kikuchi Yoko
(Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Institute of Global studies)
H28 IV-12 The Transformation of Economies in Southeast Asia under Colonial Regimes: A Comparative Historical Study Nishimura Takeshi
(Kansai University, Faculty of Economics)
H28 IV-13 Regaining Self: The Post-war Life of Survivors of Wartime Sexual Violence in Indonesia Suzuki Takashi
(Freelance Researcher)
H28 IV-14 The Maluku Conflict and Reconciliation: An Interdisciplinary Study Kawano Yoshiharu
(National Institute of Technology, Yuge College, General Education Department)
H28 IV-15 Stock Management for Sustainable Fisheries: A Model for the Mekong Giant Catfish Mitamrua Hiromichi
(Kyoto University, Graduate School of Informatics)
H28 IV-16 Toward Stopping Tropical Deforestation: An Interdisciplinary Study to Consider Breakthroughs Kurashima Takayuki
(Kyoto University, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies)
H28 IV-17 Frailty among the Elderly: A Comparative Study of Contributing Social Factors in Japan and Thailand Kimura Yumi
(Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
H28 IV-18 Politics of Answerability in Southeast Asia Miichi Ken
(Iwate Prefectural University, Faculty of Policy Studies)
Type V : Publication of “Kyoto Area Studies on Asia”
H28 V-1 Weaving the Market: Traders and Contracts of Lao Hand-Woven Cloth Ohno Akihiko
(Aoyama Gakuin University, School of International Politics, Economics & Communication)
Type Ⅵ : Individual Research Program for Fostering Young Scholar
H28 VI-1 Mental Health Service in French Indo-China as Seen from Cambodia Yoshida Naofumi
(Waseda University, Graduate School of Letters, Arts and Sciences)
H28 VI-2 Recognitions of National History Expressed in Newspapers Published during the Khmer Republic Period Shintani Haruno
(The University of Tokyo, Department of Area Studies, Graduate school of Arts and Sciences)
H28 VI-3 The History of Hikikomori as a Social Problem and Medical Disorder Imai Hissei
(Mitsuya clinic)
H28 VI-4 Changes in Literary Criticism in 1970s Thai Review Magazines Udo Yumiko
(The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Department of Area Studies)
H28 VI-5 Examining the Process of Creating the New Village Law in Indonesia Hasegawa Takuya
(University of Tsukuba, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences)