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Continue: FY2012(H24) / New: FY2013(H25)
Type I : Field-based Area Studies by Using Field Stations and Liaison Offices
H24 I-1 Study on Resource Chains of Agro-forest Products and Land-use Change in Mekong Region Yokoyama Satoshi
(Nagoya University, Graduate School of Environmental Studies)
H24 I-2 Structural Analysis of Built Environment in Jabodetabek Based on Classification of Residential Type Hayashi Kengo
(Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Research Department)
H25 I-3 Study on International Migration to Thailand from Neighboring Countries: What Impact Will Economic Integration Have? Yagura Kenjiro
(Hannan University, Faculty of Economics)
H25 I-4 Researchon the Chinese Commercial Network in 1930s to 1950s Batavia-Jakarta Izumikawa Hiroshi
(Hiroshima Jogakuin University, Faculty of Liberal Arts)
Type II : Intensive and Strategic Area Studies in Collaboration with CSEAS Visiting Fellows
H24 II-1 Study on East-West Cultural Corridor—From Myanmar to Thailand and Cambodia Shibayama Mamoru
(Kyoto University, Center for Integrated Area Studies)
H25 II-2 Comparative Study on the Validity of Local Tourism for Supporting Disadvantaged Populations Ishii Kayoko
(Toyoeiwa University, Faculty of Political Science)
Type III : Document-sharing through Use of the CSEAS Repository
H24 III-1 AStudy of the Historical Source Materials on the Society and Economy of Indonesia in the Late Colonial Era Uemura Yasuo
(Hiroshima University)
H25 III-2 Improvement of the Infrastructure for Utilization and Preservation of Periodicals in North Vietnam during Indochina War Iwatsuki Junichi
(The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences)
H25 III-3 New Perspective of Colonial Office Records: Searching for the States of “Singapore and Malaysia” in the Colonial Era Kawano Motoko
(National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Graduate School of Policy Studies)
Type IV : Exploratory Area Studies Aiming at Larger-scale Research Projects
H24 IV-1 Reconstruction of Local Knowledge by Using Informatics in Cultural Properties Tsumura Hiroomi
(Doshisha University, Faculty of Culture and Information Science)
H24 IV-2 Study on Roadmap and Policy towards Economic Development of Myanmar Okamoto Ikuko
(Institute of Developing Economies-JETRO, Area Studies Center)
H24 IV-3 Contemporary Significance of Local Knowledge inherited in Japanese Swidden Agriculture:View from the Perspective of Southeast Asian Studies Suzuki Reiji
(Kyoto Gakuen University, Faculty of Bio-environment)
H24 IV-4 Rehabilitation of Landscape after the Eruption of Mt. Merapi Shimamura Tetsuya
(Ehime University, Faculty of Agriculture)
H24 IV-5 Study on Sustainable Agriculture in Terraced Rice Cultivation and Rice Terrace Conservation in Asia Ando Kazuo
(Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
H24 IV-6 “The Long Nineteenth Century” in Southeast Asian Trade History Sugihara Kaoru
(National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, Graduate School of Policy Studies)
H24 IV-7 Study on a Transmission Method of Information to Disclose Outbreaks of and to Mitigate Infectious Diseases in Urban and Tourist Areas in Indonesia Yoshikawa Minako
(Kyoto University, Center for Promotion of Interdisciplinary Education and Research)
H24 IV-8 War Memories in Southeast Asia and the Rebuilding of Relations over Post-war Reconciliation Matsuno Akihisa
(Osaka University, Osaka School of International Public Policy)
H24 IV-9 Looking Back on 30 Years of the Look East Policy: Evaluation of the Social Impact of Industry, Government and Academia Networks in East Asia through the Exchange of Education and Research Kaneko Yoshiki
(Dokkyo University, Faculty of Foreign Languages)
H24 IV-10 Reconsidering the Pastoralism Concept from the Perspective of Milk Utilization—Its Comparison in the Old and New Continents— Hirata Masahiro
(University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, School of Agriculture)
H25 IV-11 Towards the Further Development of the Humanosphere Potentiality Index (HPI) Sato Shiro
(Osaka International University, Faculty of International Communication)
H25 IV-12 The Role of the Judiciary in Democratization: Comparison of Thailand and Indonesia Toyama Ayako
(Kyoto University, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies)
H25 IV-13 Collaborative Research for the Long-term Acquisition and Practical Use of Resources on Southeast Asia Yano Masataka
(The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Economics)
H25 IV-14 Transition and Resilience of ‘War Affected Societies’ in Inland Southeast Asia Seto Hiroyuki
(Kyoto University, Center for Southeast Asian Studies)
H25 IV-15 Thai Cultural History in the 21st Century: A Preliminary Study Sakagawa Naoya
(Kyoto University, Graduate School of Asian and African Area Studies)
H25 IV-16 Toward a Meta Study of Inter-disciplinarity in Natural and Social Sciences: Experiences from the Sustainable Humanosphere Project Ubukata Fumikazu
(Okayama University, Grad. Sch. of Environmental and Life Science)
H25 IV-17 Comparative Studies on Social-Ecological Resilience in Southeast Asia Naito Daisuke
(Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Center for Research Promotion)
H25 IV-18 Secular Ecological Transition in Neurodegenerative Diseases in Papua in Indonesia Okumiya Kiyohito
(Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, Research Department)
Type V : Publication of “Kyoto Area Studies on Asia”
H25 V-1 AStudy on the Large Land-Ownership in the Mekong Delta during the French Colonial Period Takada Youko
(Keiai University, Faculty of International Studies)