VII-1. APHPF 2018: The 7th Korea-Japan-China Joint Symposium on Protected Horticulture and Plant Factory

Cho Tetugun (Niigata Agro-Food University, Faculty of Agro-Food Science)

I traveled to Korea to participate in the 7th “Korea-Japan-China Joint Symposium on Protected Horticulture and Plant Factory” with travel support from the Center for Southeast Asian Studies International Program of Collaborative Research Grant. The symposium was held in Yonam College located in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do.

Over 100 researchers from Japan, China, Korea, and other countries working on protected horticulture attended this meeting and gave presentations.

During the poster session, researchers from various countries discussed the latest technical information and different types of horticultural facilities. My poster presentation was on the topic of “the temperature change of the tomato leaf and fruit in greenhouse production.” After my presentation, I received a number of questions, comments, and suggestions on my research.

The Asian Working Group for Protected Horticulture & Plant Factory (APHPF) was established by researchers of protected horticulture and plant factories from Japan, China, and Korea. APHPF is a working group for exchanging useful scientific and industrial information as well as discussing developments in protected horticulture and plant factory in Asia.