VI-5. “Literature Review about Dementia: Current Situations, and History and Its Health Policy” (H27 FY2015)

  • Project Leader : Fukutomi Eriko (Mie University, School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine)

Outline of Research

Aging society is growing in many countries. Southeast Asian countries also have been rapidly aging. The priority health policies will be shifted to elderly healthcare from sanitation, childcare, and maternity health in the near future. Dementia is one of serious diseases for the elderly.

In Japan, we had called dementia “chiho-syo” before, which was a discriminatory term. It has been officially changed to “ninchi-cho” in 2004. Dementia may have its own historical and cultural story in each country. Focusing on cultural stories, perception, and formal/informal supports in Indonesia, Thailand and Korea, I will carry out literature review on dementia related with community support.


Dementia is one of typical diseases for elderly individuals. The increase of the patients is a serious problem in Japan. Southeast Asian countries too will need a health policy for the elderly because of rapid economical development. However, little is known about the elderly who suffer from dementia or cognitive disorder in Southeast Asian countries. We focus on the formal/informal services, the transitions of those perceptions, especially from Thailand, Indonesia, and Korea.

This research will contribute the promotion of the health with community-dwelling elderly.

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